Kim Kardashian revealed Thursday that she is widening the ‘Vagina area’ of a bodysuit from her shapewear line SKIMS. Her sister Khloe has been candid over the years about having a ‘puffy p****,’ and recently complained that SKIMS was unsuitable for members of the ‘big p*** club.’

Now in a new Insta Stories clip, Kim, 41, announced that the SKIMS team were expanding the garment’s crotch and joked the change was ‘just for’ Khloe.She added: ‘I’m in a @skims design meeting and we’re going to widen the shapewear bodysuit Vagina area just for YOU,’ throwing in a winking and laughing emoji.

Her voice could be heard over the footage drawling: ‘Khloe, you would be so proud. I’m in a full SKIMS shapewear meeting and guys, we are making the vagina part in the bodysuit thicker – wider, sorry.’ The sex tape icon added that ‘we’re changing a few things for all of the comments and questions that you guys have been asking for for a really long time.’

Getting a close-up shot of the crotch area of a SKIMS bodysuit, Kim ribbed her little sister: ‘Just for you, Khlo, widening it.’ Khloe, who once named her camel toe Camille, complained about the SKIMS bodysuit groin on an episode of The Kardashians that aired in April.

She told Kim she had a ‘bone to pick’ with her, pointing out that the Kardashian sisters ‘make fun of me for having a bigger vagina than most.’

Finer points: Khloe then announced that she was wearing a SKIMS bodysuit ‘and it’s amazing, but it’s a sliver  is it supposed to just cover my cl*t?’She informed her elder sister: ‘The vagina needs a little more fabric, just a little wider, and for all you little b****es, why does it matter?’ 

Back in 2015 Khloe posted an Instagram snap of herself with a camel toe, joking: ‘oh Camille the camel is trying to say hi! I hope she listens today.’ A year later she told Nylon: ‘Now that I’ve lost weight, I swear my p*** has lost weight too, which I did not know was an option but thank God,’ adding that her camel toe ‘doesn’t care to be seen much these days’ after Khloe shed the pounds.

In that interview she also announced she had changed the spelling of Camille to Kamille – presumably a nod to the fact she and all her sisters have K names. She shared that she was ‘very much’ unapologetic about the bulge in the gym, dishing: ‘And my sister Kourtney did not appreciate that.’

Khloe spilled that Khloe ‘bought me these things, they’re almost like a maxi pad. I don’t know what they’re really called, but it’s to hide your camel toe. And it was like falling out of my pants, and it was like slipping. I was so uncomfortable I had to run.’

She recalled: ‘There’s this trampoline workout place called like, Sky High in LA. We were doing this workout and I was like this is the worst time to be wearing this thing while I’m jumping up and down. So I had to remove it. I just said: “Kamille’s here. She’s at the class too. Get over it.”‘


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