She’s set to star in the forthcoming action-comedy Mafia Mamma alongside Monica Belluci. And Toni Collette was seen on the Rome, Italy set of the forthcoming mob film on Friday. 

The Australian actress, 49, wowed in a pink blouse and billowing white pants for the European shoot. Toni wore dark sandals on her feet and covered her wavy blonde tresses with a tan hat as she strode the streets of Rome. At one point she shared an ice cream with her hunky co-star Giulio Corso.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Mafia Mamma ‘follows a suburban American woman who inherits her grandfather’s mafia empire and exceeds all expectations as the new head of the family business, including her own’.

The photos come after the Oscar-nominated actress reflected on ageing ahead of her 50th birthday in November. Speaking to Stellar magazine last month, Collette admitted that she faced struggles over the past decade and is looking forward to a starting a new chapter. ‘I found 40 psychologically difficult,’ she said. 

‘For me, the past decade has been a treasure-trove of opportunities for learning life lessons, big and small. I finally feel like I’m really at home in myself. So I’m excited and, apparently contrarily, rather comfortable about turning 50.’ The Australian actress exclaimed that she was looking forward to what’s to come and that 50 is not the cut-off point anymore but rather an invitation to embrace herself unconditionally. 

‘That, I believe, is why older female actors are soaring. As they grow to know themselves, they potentially also accept themselves,’ she said. ‘Then there’s nothing to hide, nothing to lose, no approval to seek – and everything to share as actors.’ 


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