Sharon Osbourne has thanked rapper Jamal Rajad for helping save her daughter Aimee’s life following a Hollywood studio fire, killing a producer and injuring two others. 

The former X Factor judge, 69, took to her Instagram Stories on Friday to share her gratitude for the part the rapper played in saving her 38-year-old daughter’s life by replying to a comment from Rajad’s wife Pretty Face Ray’Ray, who is also a rapper. Producer Nathan Avery Edwards  who goes professionally by Avery Drift 26, died in the blaze, while two others were treated for smoke exposure.  Ray’Ray added: ‘I’m still here right now, hoping I can salvage our studio equipment.’

 The blaze was reported Thursday evening around 6.35 pm local time and quickly spread throughout the two story building in Hollywood. Aimee returned to the site on Friday, with fire investigators on the scene, and was seen hugging record producer Jamal Rajad Davis, who is credited with sounding the alarm about the fire.

‘I was my own smoke detector,’ Jamal told the Los Angeles Times. ‘I ran to my room and grabbed my stuff and left my door open, trying to call my cats out to follow me.’ Jamal said he tried to go back in to save his four cats, but the smoke was too thick and all the animals died. The structure housed several recording and rehearsal studios. A hip-hop artist who goes by the name Maximilian told KABC TV that he lost everything. 

‘I opened the door, I saw smoke coming from across the hall. I immediately reached ]over to grab a jug of water. I threw it at the door, flames bursted [sic]. I tried to go back to my room and grab anything I could, but flames were everywhere, and we ran out the building, and that was it.’ The artist estimates his loss at about $50,000. 

It was Sharon who first revealed her oldest daughter’s narrow escape and resulting injury in an emotional social media post Friday morning. The reality star shared the shocking news on Instagram, tagging a Los Angeles Times story about the deadly incident.

The Raining Gold crooner appeared to be doing well when she was seen Friday arriving at her parents’ house, wearing a low key outfit of camouflage patterned jeans, sneakers and a t-shirt, with a khaki green military style jacket. Writing on social media, The Osbournes star claimed that both were lucky to be alive.

‘It is utterly heartbreaking that someone lost their life today in this fire we are sending our prayers to this person [and] their family. What happened today was beyond horrific,’ said the star. Sharon described the building as a ‘creative hub for music in Hollywood’ and also lamented the loss of equipment that belonged to the various artists who worked there. She also called for better fire safety at such buildings, although it’s not yet known if any codes were violated. 

The Talk co-host ended her emotional post writing: ‘Our prayers go out to the family and friends of the person that lost their life to this senseless fire.’ Aimee, who goes professionally by ARO, her initials, has yet to speak publicly about the life threatening scare. 

The actress is the lesser known member of the Osbourne family as she declined to be a part of the reality show which made Sharon, Ozzy, 73, Kelly, 37, and Jack, 36, making them household names during its run from 2002-2005. She has appeared in a few family projects, including documentaries and interviews about her father and his career as the frontman for Black Sabbath. 

The versatile artist has provided some voice work in Postman Pat: The Movie and starred as Raquelle in the TV movie Wuthering Heights. Aimee has been focusing on her music career of late. The singer released her latest single, Against Mine, in April. 


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