A terrified Brooke Boney went skydiving live on the Today show on Friday.But the moment the 34-year-old entertainment reporter jumped out of the plane wasn’t captured because of a technical glitch.

Brooke has admitted she is ‘absolutely terrified of heights’ and doesn’t even like venturing out onto balconies.Despite this, she managed to keep her fears in check as she went skydiving, raising $20,000 for mental health charity Gotcha4Life.

But viewers at home missed out on seeing the moment Brooke took the plunge, with the livestream freezing just as she was about to exit the plane. ‘She’s frozen with fear!’ joked Today host Allison Langdon, who explained the livestream ‘keeps freezing on us’. 

Co-anchor Karl Stefanovic said the frozen image of Brooke sitting in the plane looked ‘like a selfie’.By the time the feed started working again, viewers were treated to a view of an empty plane, with Brooke having already jumped.

The camera then cut to Brooke free-falling, before the parachute was pulled and she landed safely back on the ground in Wollongong. 

Speaking after the jump, Brooke confessed she had ‘felt like a giant baby’ during the tandem skydive.And in a video posted to Instagram before leaping out of the plane, she said she was ‘really, really scared I feel like I’m going to vomit.’

While the TV livestream failed, Brooke was able to capture the moment she exited the plane herself and posted the footage on Instagram. After positioning herself on the edge of the plane, the camera then pulled back to show Brooke falling from the sky.

‘They raised $20k for this jump and I’m so proud of the work they’ve done this week. Well done legends and huge thanks to Skydiving Australia.’

Prior to the jump, Brooke admitted she had no idea what she was doing as she posed for a selfie with Karl, 47, and Allison, 42, early Friday morning. ‘Currently standing in a car park in Wollongong waiting to see what these two have in store for me,’ she wrote.She later added: ‘UPDATE: I’m skydiving’. 

‘I bloody did it’: While the TV livestream failed, Brooke was able to capture the moment she exited the plane herself and posted the footage on Instagram


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