Amidst the news of the Russo-Ukraine war, there is a lot of discussion about a woman. The photo of this woman with a gun in her hand has gone viral on social media. This woman named Alisa has become a part of the Ukrainian army. 

Amidst the Russian attack on Ukraine (Russia-Ukraine War), a photo of a woman armed with weapons is going viral. It is shown in the picture that the woman is holding a modern gun in her hand and a second gun and a lot of bullets are kept nearby. Actually, the name of this woman is Alisa, who hails from Kiev, the capital of Ukraine. Alisa’s age is said to be 38 years and she also has a 7 year old child. She has joined the Territorial Defense Force called the Military Reserve of the Armed Forces.

took one year of hard training

According to the news agency Reuters, along with joining the force, Alisa is also a media relations specialist in an organization working in cyber security. Alisa trained for shooting along with her office job and after that she learned combat skills, which took her about 1 year. After that she joined the Defense Unit. However, Alisa does not want her to use her skills in battle. Because they look at war with the eyes of destruction.  

‘I know what to do in war’

Alisa has 2 caliber guns. One of which she keeps at her house and takes a gun on training. He told Reuters, ‘In a war environment, I know how to go from an unsafe place to a safe place. I understand what to do if I am in fire. I know how to help if friends, civilians or my neighbors get caught in a fire.

Have traveled to 50 countries

Alisa is a big fan of motorcycles and she has also traveled around 50 countries with her husband. Alisa always tries not to miss her training. She said, ‘I try my best not to miss the training under any circumstances. No one can stop me from going to training. I always like to learn new skills, which increase my confidence and courage.


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