Netflix’s Byron Baes follows a group of Byron Bay based artists, influencers and entrepreneurs as they navigate life in the trendy coastal town.And appearing on Studio 10 on Wednesday, influencer Jade Kevin Foster, 29, who is actually from the Gold Coast, insisted that the show is not scripted in any form.

‘The cameras are on us all the time and they just found the best bunch of spinners that they could find because it just worked.’Co-star Sarah Tangye, who appeared on Studio 10 with Jade, added that she ‘got used’ to having cameras in your face ‘pretty quickly’.  

During filming last year, speculation was rife that the show was ‘fake’ with several of the show’s cast members revealed to have had acting experience.When asked by co-host Tristan MacManus ‘how real’ the show is, Jade responded: ‘Look I mean if I’m going to be honest once again, the show is 100 per cent more real than all of the filler and Botox I have in my face, so that’s saying something!’ 

However, a production source denied that the new Australian series is fake, saying ‘there is absolutely no truth to this claim’.The series has already attracted plenty of controversy, with furious locals last year protesting the production of the show and Netflix forced to hold ‘crisis talks with stakeholders’ amid growing backlash.  Early reviews are also in and it’s not looking good for the reality show so far.

In May last year, The Daily Telegraph’s Confidential reported that several of the show’s cast members have had ‘notable acting experience’.According to the outlet’s sources, the show is ‘all contrived’ with other cast members also having had acting lessons in the lead up to the ‘reality’ series.  

The most scathing review came from the TV Blackbox Podcast, who declared: ‘The stink is so bad, I can’t wash it off. I can’t wash it off!’ ‘If there’s one group that I detest, it’s bloody influencers, so I can’t stand this show… I’m just very excited to never watch that show, ever,’ they added.

Another reviewer decried: ‘I’d rather drink my own sick than watch that show.’ According to a blistering review by The Sydney Morning Herald on Wednesday, the show is ‘both appalling and enthralling’.  ‘You can’t tear your eyeballs away even as you feel them melting. It’s a glorious hate-watch,’ they continued. The review went on to describe the show as providing ‘proof of the decline of Western civilisation’.   


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