In an interview on Wednesday, the 45-year-old AFL great said his wife of a year was forced to deliver Samson in the hospital reception area.‘I took her to the front door and said, “OK, this is handover, it’s not really fair but I can’t go in,” but there are rules so we did that,’ he told The Daily Telegraph, referring to the hospital’s Covid restrictions.  

 Barry Hall has revealed his wife Lauren Brant didn’t even make it to the delivery suites when she gave birth to their third son, Samson, in OctoberBut Barry said Lauren, 33, didn’t even have time to be admitted, and instead welcomed Samson right there in the reception.

‘Yeah, it was a crazy story,’ he added, revealing Lauren gave birth just 40 minutes after her first contraction.In addition to Samson, four months, Barry and Lauren are also parents to sons Miller, four, and Houston, two. 

The couple announced Samson’s birth in separate posts on their respective Instagram pages on November 7. ‘He’s arrived. Samson Andy Hall. 26/10/2021. He is just perfect and his brothers love him so much,’ Barry wrote at the time. 

‘Well a little too much they absolutely maul him with kisses and cuddles. Samson’s name has a deep meaning to our family.‘He will be aware of the meaning in good time and I’m sure honour the name and give us all such joy as he has already started doing.’

Lauren revealed the baby was born at 6.18am, describing the newborn as ‘as a perfect 3.535kg and 51cm bundle’.she added , ‘We have been in a complete love bubble of newborn smells, noises, kisses and cuddles,’ .   


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