The 40 year old star will host the glitzy awards ceremony alongside Regina Hall and Wanda Sykes on March 27, and Amy has joked that she’ll “burn all bridges” when she takes to the stage.Amy  whose film credits include ‘Trainwreck’ and ‘I Feel Pretty’  told ‘Extra’: “I’m going to get myself in some trouble as per the .

“Wanda, Regina are hilarious, and we’re having a blast preparing. I mean, I don’t know who made the decision to let me personally be a host, but it’s not a good one … because it’ll burn all bridges. I’ll burn every bridge.”

Amy has also opened up about her pregnancy experience, admitting it was “so hard” for her.The Hollywood star  who has Gene, two, with her husband Chris Fischer  admitted she “didn’t know how hard pregnancy was” before she experienced it for herself.

She added: “I had a specifically difficult pregnancy because of having hyperemesis and endometriosis, but pregnancy is so hard. And I just feel like the imagery and the portrayals of pregnancy that I had seen and what I knew to be right was just so false.

The stand-up star explained: “I just love women, and I know how hard it is and so that’s why I just want to be so open about … my own experience.”

“Some people have a beautiful pregnancy and they don’t have, like, a bad day. And I hope those people’s cars flip over!”Amy is determined to be be open and honest about her pregnancy experience.And the actress  who married Chris in 2018  hopes that she can somehow help other first-time parents.


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