Daniel Johns has decided to put off the release of his second solo album, FutureNever, sharing the news on Instagram on Tuesday.The 42-year-old former Silverchair frontman said he came ‘bearing bad and good news’, and added that he hoped his fans were ‘not too mad at me’.

‘The bad news is the release of FutureNever has been delayed by a few weeks until April 22,’ he began.Pictured performing at the APRA Music Awards in Sydney in March 2015  

‘The good news is, it will include a song with Van Dyke Parks called “Emergency Calls Only” and it is one of the most honest songs I’ve ever written.’ The album was originally supposed to be released on April 1, and will now be available on Johns’ birthday. 

He went on to explain why it was so important for him to include this song on the album, despite delaying the release date. ‘A little bit of an explanation for why the inclusion of this song has delayed the release…’ he continued.

 ‘The bad news is the release of FutureNever has been delayed by a few weeks until April 22,’ he began. Pictured in Silverchair bandmates Chris Joannou  and Ben Gillies Another option saw him ‘leave the song off the record entirely and hit the April 1 release date’.

‘As I’ve been going through the mix process there’s been one song that has required a little bit more work to get it to the point it needed to be.’He said he ‘was faced with the decision to choose one of three options’, one of which was to ‘include this song on the record incomplete’.

The third option  and the one he ultimately chose  was to ‘spend the extra time needed on the track and move the release of FutureNever by a few weeks’. He  added  ‘I think I understand you guys pretty well after being more engaged on here and I feel I owe you the best record I can possibly create, I want to deliver the creative vision to you all without compromise.’  


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