Former Married At First Sight star Booka Nile has denied sexual assault allegations made against her.The singer and keyboardist, 32, took to Instagram Stories to defend herself against claims shared by a former friend on social media on Friday night. ‘What has been said about me is untrue,’ she began in the video.

‘They did not need any further barriers to getting their music careers back on track and I would have just served as an obstacle to their success.’In a second statement, released on Saturday, Booka said that she deeply regrets bragging about having intercourse and claimed that she had a consensual relationship with the alleged victim.

Booka explained that she made the heartbreaking decision to leave Make Them Suffer because they didn’t need to be ‘dragged into a smear campaign’.‘I lost my band MTS (Make Them Suffer), which broke my heart. They don’t deserve to be dragged into  after two years of COVID.’

‘I completely own that bragging about intercourse in the way that I did using the language I did is not in-line with the person I hold myself up to be,’ she wrote.

‘I am deeply ashamed of myself for talking like this in an attempt to come across powerful or cool.’  ‘He was doing the right thing by me by checking that we were both okay with moving forward.’‘He and I had a sexual relationship over several months and every time, it was consensual.’

‘Booka Nile’s time as a member of Make Them Suffer has come to an end,’ read a statement signed by vocalist Sean Harmanis, guitarist Nick McLernon, drummer Jordan Mather and bassist Jaya Amurao Jeffery.‘Unfortunately we are unable to comment any further on the matter.’

Nile had joined Make Them Suffer in 2017 as a keyboardist and singer, and toured with them in the United States, Canada, Europe and Australia.The band confirmed her exit in an Instagram post last Thursday. 

Nile thanked her former bandmates for the ‘memories’ in an Instagram post later that night, adding: ‘It’s been real, y’all. I’m excited for the next chapter.’She went on to share another post in which she promised to ‘properly’ explain her exit from Make Them Suffer at a later date.

‘My DMs are overflowing right now with people asking why I’ve left Make Them Suffer,’ she began. ‘I know you haven’t been given a proper explanation, so I just want to say that I will release a proper statement and explanation over the next week or so.

‘I’m super busy and exhausted from my crazy work life, but it’s important to me that those who have supported me so much over the years are given a proper, in-depth explanation of why I’ve left the band.‘So I promise you all I will explain soon.’

She concluded: ‘In the meantime, I’d like to just thank you for the love you are all sending me in the wake of this news. It has warmed my heart.’ Nile was partnered with electrician and psychology student Brett Helling on Nine’s Married At First Sight last year, but they split before the final vows.Helling later said the pair had ‘tunnel vision’ while on the show, and realised their relationship wouldn’t last in the outside world.

‘Booka and I were hanging out one day and we were just having a chat about life and all kinds of things. I think we both just came to the realisation that it wasn’t something we wanted to pursue outside of the experiment,’ he said.She was later romantically linked to tattooed musician Corey Freear after they were spotted holding hands in Perth. 


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