MonsterVerse writer Max Borenstein will not pick a favorite among Godzilla and Kong – he cherishes them both. As one of only a handful of exceptional shared universes to really discover achievement in the wake of the MCU, Legendary’s MonsterVerse has outlined a remarkable way ahead. Subsequent to starting off in 2014 with Godzilla, the establishment wanted to present another true to life behemoth – King Kong – after three years with Kong: Skull Island. From that point forward, there have been just two additional MonsterVerse motion pictures, and keeping in mind that 2019’s Godzilla: King of the Monsters didn’t by and large wow crowds, the current year’s portion did.

Godzilla versus Kong named a definitive victor in the titular fight, yet the film’s writer couldn’t really pick a favorite. In another meeting with Looper, Borenstein (who contributed to writing each MonsterVerse film so far) was posed the staggering inquiry of which Titan he likes: Kong or Godzilla. “That is outlandish for me. I’m a parent,” he pronounced. Borenstein then, at that point dove a bit into what it resembled writing for the two, saying, “However I realize it resembles they simply have their own arrangements of difficulties. Kong was simpler surely on the grounds that he has a human side to him. Godzilla was more strange. I love them both.”

The eventual fate of the MonsterVerse is a bit unsure at this moment. Godzilla versus Kong initially seemed as though it could be the end the of the line for the establishment, yet following its prosperity, reports arose that another film is being developed. GvK chief Adam Wingard entered early discussions with Legendary back in April with an eye on conceivably helming another portion that could be called Son of Kong. No further updates have shown up from that point forward.

By and by, there’s definite interest among crowds in seeing the MonsterVerse proceed, Borenstein actually appears to be really energetic about these characters. While it isn’t clear if he could return for Son of Kong or any additional MonsterVerse motion pictures, it would be odd not having him required after everything he’s accomplished for the establishment. Fans should sit tight and wait for more news on what’s available for those like Kong and Godzilla; meanwhile, they can discuss which Titan is predominant. Simply don’t anticipate that Borenstein should toll in.


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