Don't Breathe 2

New restricted red-band trailer has been delivered for Don’t Breathe 2. The first film, basically titled Don’t Breathe, was delivered back in 2016. The awfulness/thriller follows the plot of three thieves who break into the home of a visually impaired man to steal from him. Nonetheless, they before long find that the visually impaired man isn’t pretty much as powerless as they trusted him to be. The film debuted at the South by Southwest Film Festival and opened to extremely positive surveys from critics.

Sony Pictures Entertainment delivered another restricted red-band trailer for Don’t Breathe 2 recently. The clasp features a tease at the new story, trailed by a portion of the brutality that crowds can expect from the spin-off. Given Norman’s visual impairment, the trailer shows a portion of the inventive ways that he fights the intruders. While the Don’t Breathe trailer isn’t really violent, it teases plenty of viciousness. See underneath to watch the new trailer:

The first portion of the trailer shows what his new life entails. He’s training Phoenix to be more mindful of her environmental factors in a time of need. The trailer takes a more obscure tone as it shows the new gathering of intruders looking to break into Norman’s home. From that point, it features a portion of the brutal way that Norman starts to hunt them down individually. It’s tonally basically the same as the first film. In any case, it doesn’t part with too much on the intruders other than the fact that they’re trying to discover the young lady.

With the first Don’t Breathe doing just as it did, it should not shock anyone that a continuation was greenlit. The new trailer effectively conveys a ton of tension. While it appears to incorporate some perhaps hefty spoilers with respect to the fate of a portion of the intruders, it certainly teases the extent of a portion of the brutality. In any case, it steers clear of much blood, so crowds should wait until the film hits theaters on August 13 to see just how violent the movie gets. The sound plan of the Don’t Breathe 2 trailer alone is enough to make this one worth a trip to the movie theater.


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