Brendan O’Carroll has stated that he believes it’s a comedian’s ‘job to offend,’ after being slammed by viewers for an ‘ignorant’ joke.The Mrs Browns Boys star, 66, told The Daily Star that it’s ‘easy to understand’ viewers can be offended by the content they see, but they are always welcome to change the channel to a different show if they’re outraged. 

It comes after Brendan was slammed by BBC viewers for making an ‘ignorant’ during a joint appearance with Hollywood star Tyler Perry on Tuesday’s The One Show, sparking accusations of racism from fans on social media.

Brendan told the publication: ‘It’s easy to understand that some people do get offended by things.Brendan also joked he feels ‘left out’ about not getting ‘cancelled’ yet, saying: ‘I must admit I almost want to get cancelled because with all these other things going, I feel a bit left out.’ It comes after Brendan was accused of making a ‘blatantly racist’ joke about his black co star Tyler Perry, while the pair appeared on The One Show to promote their new Netflix comedy A Madea Homecoming.

Yet talk soon turned Brendan’s hit BBC One show Mrs Brown’s Boys, as he was asked whether he would have Tyler on to guest star. While Tyler laughed off the joke, viewers were left shocked by the remarks, taking to Twitter to condemn Brendan while also calling out BBC for not issuing an apology on air. 

Mrs Brown’s Boys follows loud-mouthed Irish matriarch Agnes  whose favourite pastime is meddling in the lives of her six children. The BBC series has previously been accused of promoting racist stereotypes for its cliched portrayal of the Irish, as well as sexism, for the frequent gynaecological jokes, and homophobia for the cliched portrayal of Mrs Brown’s homosexual son Rory . 

Despite being universally panned by critics, the show is a ratings hit in Ireland, Britain, New Zealand, and Canada. It was recently revealed as a fan favourite in Jamaica, too. Brendan O’Carroll previously insisted the show will never be driven off the air by political correctness. ‘And I decided no it’s not, because I’ve never played Mrs Brown as a man playing a woman like they do in films like Mrs Doubtfire. Agnes is a woman like Dame Edna.

‘I would never go out of my way to be racist or homophobic so I’m not that worried myself because I only write what I think is funny, and you hope that enough of an audience agrees with you.’Meanwhile, Tyler has also been accused of perpetuating racist stereotypes with his alter ego, Madea. 

He performs in drag as Mabel ‘Madea’ Simmons and speaks in exaggerated Ebonics while shunning political correctness.Spike Lee previously dismissed the films as humiliating, racially stereotyping ‘coonery and buffoonery’.Despite the criticism aimed at both Mrs Brown’s Boy and Madea, the shows have remained popular. A movie crossover of the two series, A Madea Homecoming, is set for release on Netflix on February 25. 


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