A new K-pop song has gone viral on social media for all the wrong reasons. Girl group NMIXX made their highly anticipated debut this week with the single ‘O.O’,  and loyal K-pop fans have branded it ‘the worst song of all time’.Despite racking up more than 19 million views in its first 24 hours on YouTube, the song has been met with a scathing reception online.

 ‘I’m so sorry NMIXX you had to have the worst debut song I personally ever heard in K-pop,’ tweeted one.‘Just listened to NMIXX.. well. worst 3 minutes of my life that was terrible,’ tweeted another, while one commented: ‘Yeah that gotta be the worst debut song ever.’

‘Praying that NMIXX leak is fake because that is quite actually the worst song I’ve ever heard not even joking,’ tweeted another.‘Just heard NMIXX’s song and my ears are bleeding wtf was that why are they all screaming their lungs out,’ wrote one.  ‘Worst song of all time!’ Longtime K-pop fans have failed to find a worse song than NMIXX’s.

NMIXX are the latest girl group from JYP Entertainment, which is one of South Korea’s biggest and most successful K-pop labels. The label previously produced some of the biggest K-pop acts of all time, including girl groups TWICE and the Wonder Girls, and the boy band 2PM.

While their artists usually perform well on the charts due to the label’s reputation and popularity, NMIXX have so far struggled to make an impact.So far, the song hasn’t even been able to crack the top 100 on Korea’s main music chart, Melon. 

K-pop fans have also claimed that NMIXX plagiarised boy band ATEEZ, claiming that the ‘O.O’ music video copied one of ATEEZ’s clips. While NMIXX have failed so far failed to find any love from K-pop fans, a number of other new Korean girl groups have been burning up the charts over the last year.STAYC, Aespa, and I’VE have all recently dominated the charts with hits like ‘ASAP’, ‘Next Level’, and ‘Eleven’.


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