The 37 year old actress  who welcomed son Rennie back in March 2021 with husband David Foster, 72, admitted that while she knew her “body would change” when she was expecting, the pregnancy “played with her mind.”

She said: “Even though you know your body is going to change, and you expect that, if you’re someone who has control issues with your body psychologically, it just does something different. It played with my mind a little bit.”

Speaking on Katherine Schwarzenegger Pratt’s Instagram Live series ‘Before, During and After’, she said: “I was losing control and I was going back to this old disordered version of myself, which was upsetting because I just wanted to enjoy my baby. I actually called my old psychiatrist, from when I was in a programme in my early 20s, and he came and sat with me, and said, ‘What’s going on?’”

Katharine  who has admitted to suffering eating disorders in the past  went on to reveal that she was “losing control” throughout her pregnancy and ended up having to turn to a psychiatrist for help.

The former ‘Smash’ actress  who shot to fame when she was runner up on ‘American Idol’ back in 2006 and in more recent years starred in the leading role of Broadway musical ‘Waitress’ explained that she “really struggled” in the early stages of her pregnancy and had to “take steps” to find self-love.

She added: “For me, I had to take the steps, walk through it, to kind of find self-love. I think it’s reasonable to say that you don’t always have moments of self-love.“I really struggled during that first trimester. It was difficult for me to find that self-love, self-appreciation. But then I found it later, and I think how I found it  is something that I’ll now carry with me.I really feel like having conversations with yourself are important, because I’ll often find myself talking through a situation, like you’d have with a girlfriend, but to yourself.”


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