A since-erased tweet posted by Marvel UK has reignited trusts that Keanu Reeves will one day join the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Reeves has been an easily recognized name since the ’80s, yet his resurgence over the previous decade with the John Wick establishment, Toy Story 4, and Bill and Ted Face the Music (just as a persona not typically connected with Hollywood) has transformed him into one of the most dearest celebrities ever. As the entertainer keeps on ruling both the web and the cinema in the forthcoming The Matrix: Resurrections and John Wick: Chapter 4, fans can’t resist the urge to need to see Reeves join the one mainstream society space he still can’t seem to beauty: the MCU.

On Thursday, the authority Twitter represent Marvel UK wished Reeves (57) a cheerful birthday. The tweet sent the web into a craze and unavoidably prompted hypothesis that Reeves had consented to join the MCU somehow or another. Check the since-erased tweet (through Hadeed Butt) out beneath:

It merits underlining that Marvel UK in all probability erased the tweet on account of the disorder it was causing. It’s far fetched this was everything except a pleasant tweet. Given Feige and Marvel Studios’ affinity for mystery, in case Reeves were in converses with join the MCU, those dealing with Marvel’s online media records would not be up to date. Whoever chose to wish Reeves a glad birthday is presumably a fan, who, similar to most of us, truly needs to see him get the Marvel treatment. That being said, it appears to be just a question of time before the studio pacifies fans and has him show up in one of their many establishments.

Following Disney’s obtaining of Fox’s X-Men and Fantastic Four just as multiversal ideas presented in Loki and the forthcoming Spider-Man: No Way Home, there are an apparently boundless number of saints and reprobates set to hit the MCU. Repeating Feige’s remarks, there’s no reason for surging Reeves’ stunning consideration, in light of the fact that the right job can and will introduce itself. Until further notice, The Matrix: Resurrections will deliver in performance centers this December, and Reeves is at present shooting his most recent John Wick excursion—an establishment he’s said can proceed insofar as fans stay intrigued.


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