Kellan Lutz and his wife Brittany are having a baby boy though the Twilight star didn’t tell his better half in a very straightforward way. The actor, 36, set up a very complicated gender reveal for his second child which Mrs. Lutz recorded and posted to her Instagram. 

Brittany eventually found the right string and pink confetti began to stream out. She wrote that she was ‘excited pictured  Ashtyn having a little sister.’However, Kellan quickly pulled the plug on that thought by showing her that both pink and blue confetti was in the pinata. 

 She  posted began with Brittany pulling strings from the bottom of a heart shaped pinata. In text written over the top of the video, she explained that one of the strings was attached to a small trapdoor which would release either blue or pink confetti for either a boy or a girl. 

 She then had to count the number of each coin in order to figure out the gender of her child. There were more than 100 in total. After collecting them all, she saw that the pile of ‘It’s a Boy’ coins was larger than the the pile of ‘It’s a Girl’ coins, and Kellan did confirm they are expecting a boy.  

While at first she thought it might be twins, she quickly found out it wasn’t confetti which told the real story. Her husband revealed that there were small coins which read ‘It’s a Boy’ and ‘It’s a Girl,’ one blue and one pink.

The pair announced this pregnancy to the public earlier this month. Kellan posted a video where his better half gave her the good news. The sweet video starts off with a loading pregnancy test, which turned to read ‘Pregnant.’ Brittany then films her husband as he’s relaxing on the couch with his phone in his hand.The couple welcomed their first daughter, Ashtyn Lilly, last February, after suffering a stillbirth the year prior. 


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