Entrepreneurs are out of the box thinkers. They go beyond the ordinary and do stuff that astounds many. Akhilendra Sahu is one such young entrepreneur. His unmoved willpower and vision to help others have earned him quite a fame. “World’s Youngest Serial Entrepreneur” is what he’s often called as.

Akhilendra has many national and international companies of his own that are serving the needy even in the times of this pandemic. He’s making sure that his clients receive the best services from him. He’s well aware of the fact that success shouldn’t stop you from growing. That’s particularly why he’s always in search of some opportunity to expand his business. 2Newswire is his latest business venture.

2Newswire is a sub-branch of Akhilendra’s parent organization ASTNT Technologies Private Limited. It is remarkable that it adds one more company in the long list that he has founded and is currently working as the CEO as well. 2Newswire essentially deals with making and distributing press releases.  It has grown tremendously within a short period of time. Now, it also provides other services like Investment planning & Strategy, International Business Growth, and Opportunities, Strategic & Commercial approach to business, and Competitive Research & Assurance.

Headquartered at Birmingham in United Kingdom, 2Newswire extends its services all over the globe. As of now, they have 10k+ happy clients and have successfully completed 6660 projects. What is remarkable is that they have achieved it in very few work hours. The provide press release services for many famous players such as Yahoo, Market Watch, The NewYork Express, SkyBulletin, Bing News, etc. depending u[on your requirement they have various pricing structures that are affordable and start from $20.

2Newswire pioneers in creating easy to make press releases. A team of PR ninjas makes sure you get the best outcome possible. As they have sister companies that deal with SEO, it no longer stands a hurdle in your path to success. Their SEO experts devise unique strategies to ensure your press releases are available to be read on most of the leading search engines. They pay keen attention to all the details right from the URL structure to the content within the press release. They offer both local and global services to ensure the right audience for you.

With them, you can be less worried regarding the reach of your content. Their strategies take into consideration all the age groups to ensure maximum exposure. Get the best services at the tip of your fingers. It would be righteous to say that they are well versed with all the digital trends and know how to use each and every one of them. Good communication is another factor that has led them to success. They always provide feedback to their clients in the form of reports so that the client knows what he’s paying for.

Client satisfaction is their ultimate goal. They strive very hard to ensure it. Akhilendra himself believes that for the growth of any company it is must that the client must be satiated. There’s no short cut to that. If you have any services requirements as such, do not hesitate to contact them. You can also check their site for client reviews and additional information at 2newswire.


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