It is appropriate to refer to this evolving world, which is an embodiment of inventions and technology, as the “Computer World.” The most astounding point to highlight in this context is that computer science is no longer just a topic taught in educational institutions. Instead, it has transformed as a result of the emergence of new commercial sectors. It has enlarged the scope of opportunities by being dominant in many professional fields.

Computing, algorithm analysis, programming languages, software engineering, programme design, computer hardware, computer networks, and problem-solving abilities are the main areas of study in computer science. One can be exposed to a tonne of growth opportunities by using these elements. All that is needed for considerable growth in this field is a passion to do or create something new and different.

Hunter Johnson, a computer genius turned blatantly prosperous businessman, has made the best use of his knowledge of computer science and has proved to be a blessing for this society. His abilities have actually made him rather well-known across the digital sphere, earning him the moniker “the dark prince of the internet.”

He is a true businessman since he was able to identify a challenge and seize the chance to establish his worth.

Let’s look at the issue that was identified along with its solution:

He came to the realisation that browsing through numerous websites to find all the information about a specific person on the internet takes a lot of time and is mentally exhausting. Thus, he came up with a solution.

He created an algorithm to compile all the data about a specific person that is readily available online. This includes social accounts, previous addresses, phone numbers, emails, criminal histories, and even interests. He now offers this as a service. What was the outcome? He receives approximately $700,000 in subscription income from his information aggregation services each month.

Hunter Johnson sowed the seeds of his career during the days of his adolescence, specifically at the age of 13. His first ever creation was an online game that gained widespread popularity among more than a million daily users. At the age of just 20, he had amassed over $500,000 as a result of his new discoveries and innovative ideas.

Hunter started building the artificial intelligence trading programme “$oteria” when he was 22 years old, while also managing hedge funds and teaching trading. He has now reached an unprecedented level, gathering more than 50 million YouTube views as a consequence of various influencer marketing campaigns.

Speaking about the challenges he has faced and overcome in his journey, Hunter Johnson says, “The biggest challenge when entering these fields of business is simply how complex the computer science is behind systems like this.” “Had I not been programming for 10-plus years prior to attempting to break into this space, it is unlikely I would have been so effective.”

Hunter has been successful in transforming other business ideas into his own using AI-based marketing by incorporating a few unique components, tactics, and other market requirements.

Some people wait for an opportunity to knock at their door, while others miss it because they are unprepared for it. But it is people like Hunter Johnson who create


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