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HCL Technologies announced today unveiling a five-year, global agreement to give digital transformation and managed services to The Mosaic Company, a Fortune 500 association and the greatest U.S. producer of phosphate and potash. As an element of the agreement, HCL will manage and change Mosaic’s global application and infrastructure conditions to up the agility and ability of the association to drive growth in the business place.

By the terms of this collaboration, HCL will send a scaled Agile/DevSecOps delivery model across North America and South America to pass on process-led pivotal services across applications, infrastructure and business analytics conditions. The new collaboration with Mosaic puts our strong focus on the agriculture business, mining and chemical segments. Likewise, Mosaic will benefit with our pith in the Latin American market where the association will really need to execute on go-to-promote models for different segments, including B2B and B2C firms. “The joint effort with HCL will allow Mosaic to make a sturdier digital and analytics foundation to accelerate the ROI for key enterprise transformation priorities by capitalizing on insights, improvement, speed, and growth,” Jeff Wysocki, CIO for The Mosaic Company, said.

“We see the strong point of convergence of our customers to move to a more product-driven, stream-driven delivery model, which is an incredible space of fortitude for us,” Ajay Bahl, Executive Vice President for HCL America, said. “We’re very excited to help Mosaic scale its global limits with our phenomenal services.” As a partner and key enabler, Mosaic will rely upon HCL Technologies to use its services to drive its fundamental priorities, including utilitarian collaboration and efficiency.


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