First railway

The first-ever newly launched started from Myanmar to their commercial hub Chengdu, the western part of China. Therefore, this path provides china with the new road-rail transportation channel to the Indian Ocean.

As per the China news report, China-Myanmar New Passage aka test cargo has arrived at Chengdu rail port in Sichuan province on August 27. The transportation links consist of sea link rail routes where goods from Singapore reached the Yangon Port that used to arrive by ship through the Andaman Sea, Northeastern Indian Ocean. Thereby then transported by road to Lincang, the Chinese side of the Myanmar-China border in Yunnan province.

“This route connects the lines of Singapore, Myanmar and China, where currently is the most convenient land and the sea channel that has been linked by the Indian Ocean, southwest China. The route saves one-way journey of 20 to 22 days”.The news service said.

“Its first western China linkwith the Indian Ocean”.A source from China said. Where the routes paths from Mandalay, Lashio and Hsenwi from the Myanmar side where tends to become the lifeblood of international trade for China and Myanmar.

Where we have come across that China also has plans to developing another port in Kyaukphyu in the Rakhine State, that includes a proposed railway line from Yunnan that is direct from the port, but the progress has been stopped due to unrest in Myanmar.


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