Children Killed

On Sunday evening, when Ezmarai Ahmadi returned from work, his surroundings were bloomed with the hustle-bustle of children who were waiting to greet him – His son, daughter and many niece and nephew.

Ezmarai took his white sedan car on the way to the house of Kwaja Burga, the densely populated neighbourhood in the North-West of Afghanistan’s capital – Kabul and handed over the keys to his eldest son to park his white Sedan car. Seeing the eldest son parking the car, the youngsters thought that the parking route must be the adventurous one and they are got into the car, where Ezmarai was watching them from the side

The breathtaking incident took place, where without a moment a missile strikes the car with a terrible fore, taking aways the lives of ten children. This incident took away ten innocent lives. Aimal, Ezmarai’s brother said that the airstrike attack took away the lives of his own daughter and five other children.

US has lost its nervous control since an IS suicide bomber incident in the Kabul Airport blast had taken place on Thursday at the main entrance of Kabul’s airport which leads to cancellations of the flights. Approximately 100 afghans were killed in this heartbreaking incident and also nearly 13 US service members.

After getting knowledge about the incident that took place in the neighbourhood at Kwaja Burga, the neighbours showed concern and were ready to help the victims.

Rashid Noor with pain striking heart said ISI kill us, Taliban kill us and now The US kill us. Do all think that our children are terrorists?


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