More than 200 dogs and cats from Afghanistan have been a shift to London with the British founder of the animal’s shelter, therefore the staff failed to leave the country.

The founder of the shelter’s founder and the British royal marine Paul “Pen” Farthing arrived in the Heathrow Aiport in the morning along with approximately 100 dogs and 70 cats. Farthing refused to flee away with the animals due to which his staff members had to stay back due to the sudden change in visa requirements which made them unable to take flight out of Kabul on Wednesday.

Farthing said, “it’s one of the hardest decisions he has come across in his life.” Therefore this decision has been one of the most controversial ones“. Therefore this decision has also been accused by many as he chose the lives of animals over human beings where people are under hardline rules of the Taliban.

To which Farthing and the animals’ group has replied that the human’s seats have not been affected where this has been a humanitarian mission.

Farthing has blamed the US government for the current attack on the Kabul airport as it brought about sudden change in visa requirements and it also made Farthing staff’s paperwork invalid.

The last British flight flew along with 15,000 people in the period of 2 weeks. The remaining staff members have told Farthing that they would try another way to leave the country.


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