9/11 Attack

The upcoming anniversary 20th, 9/11 anniversary, and religious holidays could enliven evil attacks said by DHS issued on Friday, August 13, 2021. The DHS mentioned that the USA is on a ” high threat environment” that might include extremist those are motivated by racial and ethical hatred.

DHS has raised the high alert warning to the public, state, and the state and local authorities. DHS also says that the major threat is from the national threat priority where they tend to prove as a national threat.

The agency has brought this in the knowledge that al-Queda in the peninsula region of Arabia has published an inspiring magazine, its first English edition in four years, that talks about the upcoming anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attack.

It said that the anniversary, as well as the approaching holidays, could act as a protagonist for the targeted evil acts and violence.
DHS noted that extremists that are motivated by ethnic hatred and religion are not identified to be the imminent threat and are not identified in those locations.

As per the bulletin, DHS shows concern for the domestic extremist who has been motivated by awful means and as well as social foreign influences.

Later some agencies said that the Russian, Chinese and Iranian governments have lined media outlets that have spread some Covid-19 conspiracy. Therefore some cases raise calls in for of the violence against Asian descents majority.


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