Meteor Explosion

The residents of Izmir were completely stunned by an explosion in the sky that occurred in Turkey. It also became brilliant green two or three minutes, as demonstrated by accounts. Turkish social media users posted footage of what they portrayed as a “meteor” heading towards the ground, which caused an explosion above and momentarily changed the sky’s tone.

People began to hypothesize in the comments when a Twitter user by the name of Halil Ibrahim Cakan posted a video of this heavenly scene. A ball of fire is seen tumbling from the sky in the footage. It launches into a surprising brilliance as it hides behind the clouds for a compact period, turning the entire sky green.

A user named Ehsan Elahi created, ‘A green #meteor was seen over #Izmir #Turkey. This isn’t a meteor, essentially a bit/demo missile/bomb shot from a satellite. Notice the fire as meteor enters the world’s atmosphere.’ Dr. Hasan Ali Dal, a Turkish astronomy professor, did, regardless, cut the surge factor down a dab with his doubts. He communicated that meteors will overall warmth up when they approach the world’s atmosphere, as demonstrated by LADBible.


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