Russian girl supporting Ukraine: Protests against Russia’s attack on Ukraine are taking place in the capital Moscow and St. Petersburg. Here hundreds of citizens are raising slogans in favor of Ukraine. Tyman’s video is being linked to the opposition to the Russia-Ukraine War.

 Russia’s attack on Ukraine is not being opposed only in America or Western countries. This decision of President Vladimir Putin is also being opposed in his own country. If someone is thinking of donating to Ukraine, then someone is training his soldiers to crush Russian tanks under Putin’s nose. Yes, you read it right, now let us tell you about a Russian tank guru who is telling the people of Ukraine how to operate Russian tank on social media.

Citizen of Russia, with Ukraine

Nastya Tyman’s video has come at a time when there are reports on social media that Russian soldiers stationed in Ukraine are running out of fuel. Russian soldiers leaving their tanks and APC in Ukraine. In such a situation, Nastya Tyman is being seen as a supporter of Ukraine.

Nastya Tyman is a mechanic by profession

According to the report published in The Scottish Sun, to say that this girl is from Russia but is supporting Ukraine in this war. Russia’s social media sensation Nastya Tyman is giving training to the Russian people to operate Russian Armored Personnel Carrier ie APC tanks lying unclaimed on the streets of Ukraine. He posted his one year old video on Instagram and wrote, ‘If you find a Russian armored tank parked on the road then how do you run it, I will tell you’

Why are you doing this?

This video is becoming fiercely viral on social media. In the video, Nastya Tyman enters inside the tank. Then one by one it tells the steps to run it. In fact, Tyman himself is a car mechanic whose talent speaks on YouTube. In such a situation, Tuman is being seen as a sporter of Ukraine because even though she is a citizen of Russia, she was born in Ukraine.

Russia’s attack on Ukraine has been most opposed in the capital Moscow and St. Petersburg. Where hundreds of citizens are seen with Ukraine. Tyman’s video is also being linked to the opposition to the war.


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