The Russian offensive against Ukraine continues for the seventh day on Wednesday. Several major cities, including the capital Kyiv and Kharkiv, are being targeted. US President Joe Biden addresses the US Congress amid the Ukraine war. In his address, Biden denounced Russia’s attack on Ukraine and gave Putin a vague warning.

He said that dictators always have to pay a price. At the same time, Biden made it clear that the US military would not be involved in the war in Ukraine.

Joe Biden has called Russia’s attack on Ukraine a threat to world peace. Russia attacked Ukraine without any provocation. America is with Ukraine. Putin has taken the wrong step.

Putin wants to divide Europe

Biden said – Putin felt that the western country and NATO would not react. They wanted to divide Europe, but we are together and will continue to be together. Ukraine has countered the lies of Russia with the truth. We are proud citizens of Ukraine. America’s military will not clash with Russia, but Russia will not be allowed to act arbitrarily.

The big things about Joe Biden’s address…

  • Russia’s economic system is devastated. We are imposing economic sanctions on Russia. Will give 100 million dollars in aid to Ukraine.
  • Russia has tried to shake the foundations of the world. Russia will have to pay the price for this. This battle is of democracy versus dictatorship.
  • Dictators always have to pay a price. Now it is very important to punish the dictator for his actions.
  • US airspace has been closed for Russian aircraft. We will protect every inch of NATO land.
  • Putin is more isolated today than he has ever been before. Today 27 countries are with Ukraine. The Russian stock market is down 40 percent.
  • Ukrainians are fighting with courage. Putin may have an advantage on the battlefield, but it will cost him in the long run.
  • When the history of this time is written, due to the war waged against Ukraine, Russia will be described as weak and the rest of the world as strong.


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