Ketonji Brown Jackson will be the first black female judge on the US Supreme Court. On Friday, President Joe Biden signed Brown’s name. Stephen Breyer, the current Supreme Court judge, is about to retire. A black woman should have been made a judge by now when Breyer met with Biden. Its already too late. There were a total of three women in this race. Biden has nominated Brown. Parliament will give the final approval.

According to reports, Ketonji Brown was once a clerk with Justice Stephen Breyer. Now she is going to take his place. By the way, the special thing is that so far there have been three judges in the US Supreme Court, who have done clerical jobs there at some point or the other.

Biden fulfilled the promise
Biden, who won the election with the support of black people, promised in his presidential campaign that after becoming president, he would nominate a black woman for a permanent post in the Supreme Court. He said that our process is going to be difficult. I will select a nominee capable of carrying on the legacy of Justice Breyer.

Biden had said – I am looking at the background of the candidates. I have taken a decision that I will nominate a candidate of exceptional ability, character and integrity. He also said that it would be a black woman. According to me, this announcement was being awaited for a long time.

Brown was a clerk to Justice Stephen Breyer.  Now she is going to take his place.

Brown was a clerk to Justice Stephen Breyer. Now she is going to take his place.

due in June Justice Breyer was actually supposed to retire in June, but before that he had decided to resign. He is the oldest judge on the court and was nominated by then-President Bill Clinton in 1994.

Last year, voting for a new Supreme Court judge was held in the US Senate in October last year, about a week before the US presidential election. Amy Connie Barrett, nominated by then President Donald Trump, won and became the new Supreme Court judge. Judges in the US are appointed for lifetime and unlike other courts, there is no retirement age for judges. There are nine judges in the US Supreme Court. At the time of an important decision, if their opinion is divided 4-4, then the vote of the judge appointed by the government becomes decisive.


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