Russian President Vladimir Putin’s decision to attack Ukraine is being criticized around the world. The people of Russia are also angry with this move of their President. Russian actress Irina Starshenbaum has opposed this war by sharing a black post.

After weeks of tension between Russia and Ukraine, Ukraine erupted with explosions on Thursday as Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered a special military operation (Russia-Ukraine War). This move of Russia is being criticized all over the world. Russia itself is also raising its voice against the war. Russian actress Irina Starshenbaum has apologized to the people of Ukraine, saying that war will only bring pain.

‘No words to describe the pain’

The Russian actress has protested the war by sharing a black post on her Instagram account. At the same time, he has written that war cannot be justified in any way. I have no words to express this pain and horror. Ukrainians, please forgive me for my helplessness. We wish for an immediate end to this heinous crime.

Reactions coming from around the world

Daniela Kozlovsky of Vampire Academy has also protested this move of Russia by sharing a black post on her Instagram account. He wrote, ‘Fear and shame… Agreed! No war’. Many celebrities around the world have also reacted to the Ukraine-Russia war, including Stephen King, Piers Morgan and Cardi B.

‘Should help the little one’

Stephen King wrote, ‘As a child we have learned that when an older child beats a younger one, raise our voice against him’. At the same time, Cardi B said that the leaders of the world should come out of the temptation of power and see who is really affected by their such decisions. Significantly, despite all the warnings and sanctions from Western countries including America, Russia has attacked Ukraine. It is clear from this that Putin is not afraid of anyone.


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