After prolonged tension, Russia attacked Ukraine at 8:30 am on Thursday. 8 Ukrainian civilians have been killed in the missile attack. On the other hand, Ukraine claims that it has shot down 6 Russian fighter jets. It is said that many villages of Ukraine have been occupied by the Russian army. There are serial blasts happening here. Meanwhile, Russia also attacked from the Belarus border. Russia is now attacking Ukraine from three sides.

Earlier, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced an attack on national television. He said in a threatening manner that if anyone interferes between Russia and Ukraine, the result will be very bad. His gesture was towards the US and NATO forces.

Within 5 minutes of this statement, there were 12 explosions in Ukraine in several provinces including the capital Kiev. There was also a missile attack on the capital Kiev. There the airport was closed. Due to this move, the rescue mission of Indians trapped in Ukraine also had to be stopped. Air India flight to Ukraine returned due to danger alert.

Ukraine also responded to the attack and shot down Russian planes. Ukraine said that we will respond to this attack and win this war. This is the time when the whole world should answer and stop Russia.

A little later Ukraine issued another statement. Ukraine said that we have been attacked from three sides … from Russia, Belarus and Crimea border. Attacks are continuing in Luhansk, Kharkiv, Cherniv, Sumy and Jatomyr provinces.

Important updates related to Ukraine-Russia war…

  • Russia is once again seen standing with China in the Ukraine dispute. China’s Foreign Ministry said on Thursday that the sanctions imposed by the US and Western countries on Russia are meaningless, as such actions will only aggravate the dispute rather than resolve it.
  • Russia said- We have destroyed Ukraine’s airbase and air defense. It also captured two villages in eastern Ukraine.
  • According to news agency Reuters, the Ukrainian military has claimed that it shot down five Russian aircraft and a helicopter in Luhansk.
  • Ukraine said – We have been attacked from three sides… from Russia, Belarus and Crimea border. Attacks are continuing in Luhansk, Kharkiv, Cherniv, Sumy and Jatomyr areas.
  • Air India flight to bring Indians from Ukraine has returned. The flight was sent a Notice to Air Mission i.e. NOTAM i.e. the apprehension of danger was expressed during the flight.
  • Martial law is implemented in Ukraine, that is, the law and order there has now been taken over by the army.
  • There have been bombings in many places in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine. Kiev airport was evacuated.
The picture was taken on Thursday morning in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine.  Such an explosion has been seen there.  - photo CNN

The picture was taken on Thursday morning in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine. Such an explosion has been seen there. – photo CNN

The photo is of Kharkiv, a city in north-east Ukraine.  There have been explosions here too.

The photo is of Kharkiv, a city in north-east Ukraine. There have been explosions here too.

Russia’s claim – Ukrainian cities are not targeted, military bases are being destroyed,
Russia has issued a statement amid missile attacks and blasts in Ukraine. Russia said that our target is not the cities of Ukraine. Our weapons are destroying Ukrainian military bases, airfields, air defense facilities and aviation. There is no threat to the people of Ukraine.

Decision against Russia can be taken in UN,
Putin has made this announcement in the middle of UNSC meeting. This meeting is going on only on Russia-Ukraine tension, now a decision can be taken to take strong action on Russia. Former US Central Intelligence Agency director David Petraeus says Putin has given NATO the biggest gift since the end of the Cold War. Because of this threat, NATO has reunited. Putin wants Russia to be great, but he made NATO great again with his actions.

National emergency declared in Ukraine

Ukraine’s parliament has declared a national emergency in the wake of the Russian attack. With the declaration of emergency, Ukraine has asked its 3 million people to leave Russia immediately. Russia on Wednesday carried out cyber attacks on Ukrainian banks and important websites like defence, foreign, internal security. Deputy PM Fedorov said that Russia will give a befitting reply.


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