A woman died while trying to show enthusiasm in the gym. The woman was trying to lift a weight of 180 kg, but got buried under it. The whole incident happened in front of the woman’s daughter. The girl is in shock after the accident. 

 It is very important to work consciously along with enthusiasm in the gym, otherwise you may have to lose your life. Something similar happened with a woman living in Mexico. The woman started lifting more weight with enthusiasm and she died after being buried under it.

Barbell dropped straight on the neck

According to the report of ‘Daily Star’, the woman had reached the fitness center with her daughter. There she enthusiastically tried to lift the weight of 180 kg, but in a few seconds she fell down. The 180 kg barbell came directly on his neck and he died.

ncident caught on CCTV

At the time when this incident happened, a person was standing nearby, but everything happened so quickly that he could not do anything even if he wanted to. After the accident, there was chaos in the gym. The woman was immediately rushed to the hospital, but her life did not survive. This accident of February 21 has been captured in the CCTV installed in the gym.

Mother dies in front of baby

The woman’s name has not been disclosed to the local media. It is only told that his age was between 35 and 40. It is shown in the video that the woman expresses her desire to lift 180 kg. A man helps her adjust the barbell and then suddenly the woman falls down with the weight. The girl of the deceased is in shock after this accident. Because he saw his mother dying in front of his eyes.

Police started investigation

Police have started investigation. It is being told that the police had also taken the owner of the gym to the police station. However, he was released after questioning. It is worth noting that most of the people going to the gym do a lot in the pursuit of building a fast body, which they should not do. This incident is a lesson for such people.


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