After recognizing Luhansk and Donetsk in eastern Ukraine as separate countries, Russia has deployed a large number of troops to the Ukrainian border. New satellite images have emerged from the border, according to which Russia has also put more than 100 vehicles on the border. At the same time, Russia has also built a temporary hospital on the border for the treatment of its army. Here, Russia has also built a helipad in the Moiser area, adjacent to the Ukraine and Belarus border.

These new satellite images have been released by the American company Mexer on 22 February. A large number of Russian soldiers’ tents are seen in this image. At the same time, in the image that surfaced on 4 February, only two tents were present at this place. According to a report, more than 550 tents have been set up by Russia just 20 kilometers from the Ukrainian border. At the same time, Russia has also sent its army for maneuvers in Belarus. Earlier, Russia had sent its navy to the Black Sea and the Azov Sea to encircle Ukraine.

Together with Belarus, the Russian army is constantly conducting exercises.

Together with Belarus, the Russian army is constantly conducting exercises.

Russian tanks are running on the streets of Donetsk, the movement of the army has started
, after recognizing Donetsk as a separate country, Russian tanks have started running on the streets there. At the same time, on the question of sending Russian troops inside Ukraine, Putin has said that permission has been received from the Upper House. We will not order the army to move immediately. Will decide further after seeing the situation. Putin said that Ukraine should give up the idea of ​​joining NATO.

Talks between Putin and Biden not an option: White
House has issued a statement amid tensions in Europe. The statement said a meeting between President Joe Biden and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin is currently not an option. Earlier, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken canceled the meeting with Russia. He said- Russia is not serious about adopting a diplomatic route to resolve the current tension.

America and Hungary announced military deployment
Amidst the deepening crisis in Ukraine, America has announced that it will increase its military deployment in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. At the same time, Ukraine’s neighboring country Hungary has also announced that it will deploy troops on the border with Ukraine.

Biden has imposed many sanctions on Russia after Putin's decision.

Biden has imposed many sanctions on Russia after Putin’s decision.

Fears of civil war in
Donetsk Violence has increased since the entry of Russian forces into Donetsk. According to Ukraine’s claim, there have been more than 95 shots fired by separatists in the last 24 hours. At the same time, there is also news of 1 Ukrainian soldier killed and 6 other soldiers injured in clashes with separatists. It is being claimed in the report that civil war could break out in Donetsk at any time.


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