A tragic accident happened with a 21-year-old student studying at the University of New Orleans, USA. She went out for a night out with friends, but never came back. Let us know, what is the whole matter.

t is said that death waits for no one. One such incident happened with a 21-year-old student studying in the college. Before going to the night out with friends, the student did not know whether she would be able to come back home alive or not, perhaps luck had the same approval.

The deceased student had gone to the party with friends 

According to the news published in Daily Star, the name of the deceased student is Siya Jordan. She studies at the University of New Orleans. Siya participated in the Mardi Gras parade. After this friend went to a bar with Juliet. Juliet told the New Orleans Advocate that after the bar, Siya went to her house with her boyfriend, but left for her room at midnight in an Uber taxi to care for her pet doggy.

roommate refused to go alone

Reese White, the roommate of the deceased, said that Siya told him that she was going with a driver whom she already knew as a friend. Reese told that I tried to persuade her not to go. Robert Torres, one of Siya’s other friends called her late at around 1.30 pm, in which she heard the driver asking Siya if you like to party? Siya then told Robert that she would call back, but it never happened.

The girl was thrown in the hospital  

After this it came to know that someone had thrown her in the hospital, but it was not known who left the girl in the hospital at 7 am. After this, when the doctors examined Siya, they were declared dead. At the same time, the police say that she had reached here by a private vehicle. As of now it is not clear what was the cause of death. The girl’s step father says that the news of Siya’s death is no less than a shock to the family. The coming days are going to be very difficult for the family.

Graduate to be held in 2023

University officials say that Siya was studying business administration. She was due to graduate in 2023. In a statement, the school’s president, John Nichollo, said few things as a university are more challenging than dealing with the grief of the death of a student. We are with Siya’s family and friends.


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