Radical thinking won once again in the Muslim country of Kuwait. The government has banned doing yoga in the open, bowing down to the fundamentalists. Opponents argue that doing yoga in public places is dangerous for Islam.

There is an uproar in Kuwait regarding Yoga. In view of the increasing opposition of the clerics, the government has banned yoga in the open. The clerics have objections to the yoga postures of Padmasan and Swanasana. He has called it dangerous for Islam. At the same time, women want permission to do yoga in public places. All this controversy is related to a yoga camp, where a yoga teacher advertised a wellness yoga retreat in the desert. 

women opened front

After the advertisement given this month, clerics and fundamentalists came out against Yoga. These people have described the yoga posture of Padmasan and Swanasana in public places as dangerous for Islam. Seeing the growing controversy, this yoga camp has been banned for the time being. At the same time, women have also united against banning yoga in this country dominated by men. Yoga

‘Kuwait going fast behind’

Conservatives say that doing yoga of women in public places is an attack on the country’s traditional values. The government is also the target of these people. They say that the government is not handling this issue properly. Najiba Hayat, who works for women’s rights in Kuwait, has expressed displeasure over the opposition to yoga. He says that Kuwait is rapidly going backward due to such attitude of fundamentalists. She has also demonstrated outside Kuwait’s parliament along with other women.

Women’s rights very limited

Kuwait is one of those countries where women have been given very few rights. Here, men decide to a large extent what women will do in public and how they will do it. Whereas in Saudi Arabia and Iraq, which is known for its fundamentalist ideology, women are now being given a lot of rights. In Saudi Arabia, it is like a new era for women. Last month Saudi Arabia organized the first open air yoga festival. At that time it was discussed a lot on social media in Kuwait.

disputed section 153

Alanoud Alsharekh, the founder of an organization called ‘Abolish 153’, says that the minds of Kuwaiti women are already filled with restrictions. Now it is coming out in the open. Let us tell you that there is a system of harsh punishment in the law for committing a crime by a woman in Kuwait. Whereas for crimes against women, this punishment is negligible. Under Section 153 of the Kuwaiti Penal Code, there is a provision of very mild punishment for the murder of a woman for the sake of honor. The demand to repeal this law has also been made many times. After the protests that took place after the Farah assassination in 2021, Parliament presented a draft to repeal Section 153. It said that if a woman was murdered because she had an illicit relationship with another man, the guilty would face a maximum prison term of three years and a fine of $46.

The cleric did not like the change 

However, the Kuwaiti parliament took an unprecedented step when it came to converting the proposal to repeal Article 153 into law. Instead of enacting a law, the parliamentary committee referred the matter to a cleric. In January 2022, the cleric announced the restoration of Article 153. Sundus Hussain, a member of ‘Ebalish 153’, says that the same people are sitting in Parliament who come from such a society. The group of such people has increased after the 2020 elections. Significantly, the demand for the recruitment of women in the army in Kuwait has also been turned down.


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