A helicopter crashed near Miami Beach in Florida, USA. Hundreds of people were swimming and partying on the beach just a short distance from the spot where the helicopter crashed. Two people were injured in this accident, although a policeman died during treatment.

This incident happened at 1:20 pm local time. There were three people in the helicopter. Two of these people had to be taken to the hospital, whose condition is said to be stable. After the helicopter crash, the police closed the place and started investigation in the matter. On the other hand, the Federal Aviation Authority is also preparing to investigate this accident at its level.

The helicopter fell from the sky into the sea,
Miami Beach Police has tweeted the video of the incident. It can be seen in this video that the whole beach is full of people. Then a helicopter from the sky falls into the sea. The people present there start running here and there. People are sharing the video of this incident a lot on social media as well. While sharing the video, a user wrote that it is horrifying.

The rescue team reached the people as
soon as they got information about the incident It is not yet clear what is the cause of the accident. The reason for this will be revealed only after investigation. Had the helicopter crashed closer to the middle, it could have caused massive damage and loss of lives.


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