America has warned Russia amid the standoff between Russia and Ukraine. US President Joe Biden tweeted that we do not want a conflict, but will support Ukraine if Russia invades. 

 The standoff between Russia and Ukraine continues. Russia has deployed troops around the border of Ukraine. Meanwhile, other Western countries including America, supporting Ukraine, are talking about finding a solution through talks with Russia. Meanwhile, America has warned Russia.

we don’t want conflict

US President Joe Biden made several tweets one after the other, warning Russia. “We don’t want a conflict, but Russia’s reasons for invading Ukraine also cannot be justified,” he said. Despite this, if Russia sticks to its plans, it will be responsible for a disastrous and unnecessary war.

Attempts are being made to provoke Ukraine

The US President tweeted and wrote that we have seen reports of Russian-backed fighters trying to provoke Ukraine. This is a violation of the ceasefire. Russia has been playing such games before. The United States and our allies will continue to support the people of Ukraine. We will hold Russia accountable for its actions. If Russia invades Ukraine, Western countries are ready to impose severe sanctions on Russia.

solution to be negotiated

He said that the dispute can be resolved through talks. Even now it is not too late. Russia can still choose a solution to this problem through diplomatic means. Biden said that Russian troops in the south are still stationed in Belarus near the Black Sea. They have surrounded Ukraine. Russia’s army is planning to attack Ukraine in the coming days.

Package will be given to Ukraine

At the same time, the White House issued a statement saying that America and its allies are considering a package to Ukraine if Russia attacks Ukraine. Russia is taking very aggressive steps in cyberspace. Washington wants to fix the accountability of Russia for this. 


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