America and Russia are now facing each other on the issue of Ukraine. Russia has expelled America’s number two diplomat Bart Gorman from the Moscow embassy. He has been asked to leave the country. The US State Department also confirmed Russia’s decision on Thursday.

Here, US President Joe Biden said on Thursday that there are many indications that Russia may attack Ukraine in the next few days. Biden’s remarks came amid heightened tensions between Russia and the US. “We have several indications that they (Russia) are ready to enter Ukraine, attack Ukraine,” Biden said at the White House.

Thursday’s day can be seen in one sense as a direct confrontation between Russia and America. In fact, at the behest of Russia, President of Belarus Lukashenko made a very provocative statement. He threatened to use nuclear weapons. On the other hand, after America, Britain also made it clear that Russia’s troops are being increased instead of being removed from the Ukraine border.

This will worsen the situation
, when Russia asked the American diplomat to leave Moscow, a US official called it a provocative move and made it clear that the American is not going to back down in any case. He said – this is clearly a step to increase tension. Diplomatic solutions cannot be found using these methods.

However, Russia must have taken this step very carefully. We are saying this because if Russia wanted, it could have asked Chief Ambassador John Sullivan to leave the country, but he signaled to America that he is ready to confront the West on the Ukraine issue and the removal of the diplomat is proof of this. Is.

NATO Chief Stollenberg talking to US Defense Minister Lloyd Austin (left).

NATO Chief Stollenberg talking to US Defense Minister Lloyd Austin (left).

Now waiting for the American answer,
if you look closely at the tactics of diplomacy, you will find that when one country takes action against the diplomat of another, then in return the other country also takes similar retaliation. However, there has been no response from the US yet. But, the fear is that America will also give a concrete answer and this will increase tension.

According to the New York Times, Bart Gorman was at the number two position at the Moscow Embassy. He has a three-year visa and it has not expired. A White House official confirmed the matter, but declined to say anything more. Now America is considering what kind of reply should be given to Russia. There are many employees in the US Embassy of Russia. Russia, on the other hand, has always kept its diplomatic staff in Washington low.

Lukashenko has been in power since 1994.  He is considered very close to Vladimir Putin.  (file)

Lukashenko has been in power since 1994. He is considered very close to Vladimir Putin. (file)

Lukashenko, adding fuel to the fire,
President Alexander Lukashenko of Belarus, an ally of Russia, has threatened America. Without naming America and NATO, Lukashenko said – if our country is threatened, then we will not hesitate to use nuclear weapons. We have very powerful nuclear weapons and we know how to defend our borders.

This statement of Lukashenko meeting Putin yesterday
comes at a time when he is going to Moscow to meet Russian President Vladimir Putin on Friday. Lukashenko said- If stupid acts are done against my country, there is an attack, then the option of nuclear weapons is open. If not, then we too will not use these weapons.

Belarus was also part of the Soviet Union. Technically or say, Belarus is not a nuclear power. Next month he is going to amend the constitution so that nuclear weapons can be kept in the country. It is believed that Lukashenko is threatening to bring Russian nuclear weapons to his country (host). Lukashenko has been in power since 1994.

Blinken said – Russia is a threat to the world
US Secretary of State Antony Blinken has called Russia a threat to the peace of the world. At the UN Security Council, Blinken said – we want the issue to be resolved through diplomacy. Nevertheless, if Russia does not agree, then very strict steps will be taken against it. Russia’s intentions pose the biggest threat of recent years. This crisis will affect every country in the world.

Situations after firing at a kindergarten in the Donbass controlled by Ukraine.

Situations after firing at a kindergarten in the Donbass controlled by Ukraine.

Firing on Ukraine-based kindergarten, two teachers injured
Ukraine has accused Russia of firing in its area. According to Ukraine, the Russian army opened fire on a kindergarten in its controlled Donbass. Two teachers have been injured in this. Along with this, the electricity of the entire village has also gone out. Kiev has also released its picture.


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