Former Vice President of Afghanistan Amrullah Saleh has claimed that Haqqani network terrorists are trying to infiltrate in Panjshir province with Pakistani troops. Saleh, who is living in exile, tweeted that terrorists have set up tents in Panjshir. He further said that in the coming days these people can carry out a big conspiracy in Panjshir and I will present the proof of it soon.

On January 31 this year, talks were held in Tehran about the agreement between the warriors of Panjshir province and the Taliban. However, no solution was found in this conversation, after which it is believed that the Taliban can attack Panjshir again at any time.

Conflict continues between
Taliban terrorists and people of Panjshir The people led by the National Resistance Front (NRF) are fighting a war against the Taliban. At the same time, Saleh is also opening a front against the Taliban by forming a government-in-exile in Panjshir itself. His brother was killed by Taliban militants in Panjshir last year.

Panjshir is away from the claws of the Taliban,
125 km from the capital Kabul, the Panjshir valley is still independent. This area of ​​​​Afghan has not yet been in the hands of the Taliban. The Panjshir Valley has long been a stronghold of opposition to the Taliban. Mujahideen leader Ahmed Shah Masood, who fought against the Soviet Union, made this valley his stronghold. When the Taliban took control of Afghanistan 21 years ago, the people of Panjshir refused to accept the Taliban rule.

mran Khan said that
Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan had supported the Taliban government in an interview given to American news channel CNN recently. Khan said that there is no alternative to the Taliban in Afghanistan, so all countries should consider recognition. Khan further said that if not today, then tomorrow everyone will have to accept the Talibani rule.


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