The negative impact of social media is having more on children and adolescents. The tech giants are not worried at all. That’s why it is necessary to crack down…. This is what US Senator Marsha Blackburn has to say. Blackburn of the Republican Party and Democratic Senator Richard Blumenthal have introduced the ‘Kids Online Safety Act-2022’ for strictness on social platforms.

Recently, the US Congress held five hearings on the impact of social media on children under the age of 16. Based on this, the bill has been brought. Blumenthal says the bill has the support of both parties. So there will be no problem in the lower house and senate. Read the important facts of the bill…

Five important things of the bill… they will try to control social media companies

1. Strongest Privacy Option: Social media companies have to give privacy option to the users. Disabling ‘addictive’ features as well as allowing you to opt out of liking the page or video. This is the strongest privacy option ever, which will remain the default.

2. Time Tracking : It will be mandatory to provide such tools in the app by which parents can track how much time children have spent on the app. With this, parents will also be able to keep an eye on online app purchases by their children. With this, they will also be able to control the use of the app by children to the extent of addiction. These settings will also remain the default.

3. Responsibility: Social media platforms have to work continuously towards preventing and minimizing the harm caused to minors. These include self-harm, suicide, dietary disturbances, drug use, prohibited products such as alcohol for minors, and exploitation.

4. Independent Review: Responsibility to third parties for reviewing whether companies are taking sufficiently substantive and meaningful steps to prevent, and comply with, the Platforms’ harm to children and adolescents Have to give So that the whole process is fair.

5. Data sharing: Social media companies will be mandated to share data related to child and adolescent users with educational, research institutions and private researchers. Scientists will study this data on the harm caused by social media to the mental and physical health of children and measures to prevent them.


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