The difficulties of Britain’s royal family do not seem to be taking the name of less. The matter of allegations of sexual abuse on Prince Andrew was not yet completely settled that the elder Prince i.e. Prince Charles has also been embroiled in controversies. There are allegations against his charity organization that he is involved in the scam of getting money and respect. This case is not new, but has come into the limelight because now the police will investigate these allegations. Last year, due to these allegations, a senior official of the Prince’s organization had to resign.

Why there are ruckus and questions,
this matter came in the discussion last year. Two British newspapers ‘The Sunday Times’ and ‘The Daily Mail’ have revealed that Prince Charles’s organization is involved in taking money from the wealthy of other countries to get them knighthood and citizenship. Documents of a Saudi Arabian citizen were presented as evidence.

After the allegations, fingers started pointing at the Royal Family. When the matter escalated, Michael Foncet, the highest officer of this Chariyi Foundation, resigned. The special thing is that Fonset disclosed this later, first Prince Charles informed the media through a statement.

Britain's Prince Charles with wife Camilla Parker (File).

Britain’s Prince Charles with wife Camilla Parker (File).

Charles’ denial
Charles had said in a statement issued to the media- I have no knowledge of this matter. I don’t even know that Fonset offered to honor any Saudi citizen in exchange for money. This money was given to the charity foundation as a donation. The name of the organization is ‘Prince Foundation’.

However, the police started investigating this case by targeting only Fonset. The new thing happened on Tuesday that now the entire foundation will be investigated and obviously being the Chief Executive, fingers will also be pointed towards Prince Charles.

Prince Charles with first wife Princess Diana (File).

Prince Charles with first wife Princess Diana (File).

Double trouble
Prince Andrew was accused of sexual abuse by American model Virginia Giuffre at the age of 17. Giuffre’s lawyers were about to question Prince in court. Even before this, he made an out-of-court settlement with Giuffre and informed the court about it. In America, many cases are resolved in this way, but it is necessary to inform the court before and after it.
Now Prince Charles’ charity will also be investigated. There is an organization (anti-monarchy campaign group Republic) working against the monarchy in Britain. The same organization had demanded an investigation of the foundation from the police.


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