Noise radar has been installed in Paris, one of the most noisy cities in Europe. This radar will identify vehicles making excessive noise. At present, the testing of this radar is going on, after successful it will be installed in other cities as well. 

: Everyone is troubled by the rumbling sound of vehicles running on the streets. Especially the noise of some bikes becomes unbearable. From time to time, action is also taken against such vehicles, but this problem has not been completely stopped. However, now Paris, the capital of France, has taken a step in this direction. Here a noise radar has been installed on the road side, which will identify vehicles making excessive noise.      

Noise is bad for health

According to the news published in our partner website WION, the first noise radar has been installed on the street lamp post in the 20th district of East Paris. This radar is capable of measuring the noise level of moving vehicles and identifying their license plates. Giving information about this, Paris Deputy Mayor David Belliard said that excessive noise makes people sick. It is harmful to our health and quality of life.

After the test, it will be in other cities

He said that the purpose of this sound radar is to issue fines automatically for those vehicles, which violate the prescribed noise norms. In the next few months, it will be ascertained whether the radar proves to be capable of identifying the license plates of vehicles. If the results are as expected, it will be installed in other cities as well.

Police will not collect fine yet

The radar is designed to issue fines automatically, but at present the traffic police will not charge any fine. The deputy mayor said that once the radar test is successful, it will be officially recognized by the end of this year and the fine amount will be collected from the beginning of next year. The second radar will be installed in western Paris. Let us tell you that Paris is one of the most noisy cities in Europe.


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