In the midst of the Olympic Games, the Chinese government continues its dangerous atrocities on its people. People’s living in communist-ruled China is becoming more difficult and Xi Jinping’s government continues to use force on people on the pretext of preventing Kovid infection. In the name of reventing Kovid infection, Xi Jinping is also trying to keep the people of the country under control.

atrocities in the name of covid The Chinese government has put around 3.5 million people in a very strict lockdown in a city on the border with Vietnam, and according to reports, no city dweller is even allowed to step outside of their home. According to the report, Xi Jinping’s government has imposed the world’s strictest lockdown after 70 corona virus patients were found. At least 22 cities in the southern Guangxi region have been under extremely strict lockdown and the Chinese government is not even taking its name to give up the zero covid policy. Officials in the southern Guangxi region have announced the strictest lockdown, saying that no person is allowed to leave the house or leave the city.

Strictness increased in the city Gu Junyan, deputy mayor of the southern Guangxi region, told a briefing that, “Traffic control has been implemented across the city and no vehicles are allowed to exit the city. At the same time, people from outside also enter the city.” Government employees across the city have been ordered to keep people under control. Deputy mayor Gu said that “people from small rural towns and twenty-two towns have been kept in strict home confinement.” ”. At the same time, officials have said that the corona infection test of people is being done rapidly in the city.

Where is the twenty-two city of China? China’s twenty-two cities are located about 62 miles (100 kilometers) from the border with Vietnam and the first case of Kovid infection was registered on Friday. According to the report, a person came to the city after celebrating on the occasion of New Year and through that the Kovid infection has spread among the people. With the spread of the Kovid infection, China has tightened the border between Vietnam and Myanmar and built heavy wire mesh along its southern border in China to prevent illegal migrants from Myanmar. Officials said that massive COVID testing for residents is already underway.

Millions forced to live in ‘jail’ Millions of people are still confined to homes in China after a spike in both Delta and Omicron coronavirus cases, and a lockdown in China means a prison. On the other hand, China is even more strict about the Olympics. Earlier, China had also put a very person lockdown in Xi’an city for about a month and at that time there was a crisis on the food of the people. Many such videos went viral on China’s social media account Weibo, in which people said that they have nothing to eat and the authorities are not even allowing them to step out of the house. For about a month, about 13 million people in the city of Xi’an were kept in home confinement.


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