A stolen statue of the Greek-Roman god Bacchus or Dionysus, who is called the god of wine, has been found back 50 years ago. The idol was stolen by thieves by breaking a window on a cold night of December, 1973.

The statue of the Greek-Roman god Bacchus or Dionysus, stolen about 50 years ago, has been found. ‘Dutch Art Detective’ Arthur Brand handed over this rare Roman statue to the museum. This statue was considered one of the most important treasures of France. Let us tell you that in the Greco-Roman religion, Bacchus or Dionysus is considered the God of Wine.

Theft was done by breaking the window

Arthur Brand has handed back a first-century bronze statue of the god Bacchus to the director of the Musée du Pays Châtilonaise in eastern France. On a cold December night in 1973, thieves broke into a window and stole a 40 cm statue of Bacchus, the ‘God of Wine’. Since then the idol was being searched, but no success could be found.

5,000 Roman coins were also stolen

Brand reported that the thieves stole some Roman antiquities and about 5,000 Roman coins, but there was also a single bronze statue of the most important Greco-Roman god Bacchus or Dionysus. The director of the museum expressed happiness over getting the statue back, saying it was an emotional moment. He said that we all wanted to see the statue of the Greco-Roman deity back in the museum and now our wish has been fulfilled.


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