Astro, who performed within the reggae pop band for over thirty years, died once a brief ill health, his current band confirmed.

“We are fully destroyed and utterly brokenhearted,” aforesaid a statement on Ali Campbell and Astro’s Twitter account.

Astro joined UB40 in 1979 – shortly once the band was shaped – however left in 2013 and went on to perform with breakaway cluster UB40 featuring Ali Campbell and Astro, that had played some concerts this year and was because of endure tour in 2022.

The original band stony-broke through within the early Nineteen Eighties with their distinctive defy British popular music genre and found success with hits like Red vino and can not help Falling in love.
The Birmingham-based cluster – named once the then government’s state profit kind – sold over seventy million records and had 3 UK number one hits.

A statement from the present UB40 line-up on Twitter said: “RIP Astro.

“We have detected tonight, the unhappy news that ex-member of UB40, Terence Wilson, higher apprehend as Astro, has passed away once a brief unhealthiness. Our sincere condolences to his family.”

In total, UB40 have recorded thirty-nine UK top forty singles and twenty eight prime forty albums, with Astro singing lead vocals on the hit Rat In Mi room that reached range twelve in 1987.

The cluster additionally enjoyed success round the world, as well as within the us, wherever Red red wine visited much loved, as did another cowl, can not help Falling in love with You, that spent seven weeks at number one in 1993.

The original line-up vie along for 3 decades before Ali Campbell left in 2008.

In an interview with the Guardian in could, Astro spoke regarding the band turning into the voice of working-class people’s discontentedness with political and world problems once they shaped in 1978.

He told the paper he tough the “same rigmarole as most black folks within the late 70s”, relating a law that allowed folks to be stopped and searched by police if they were deemed to be acting suspiciously – that Astro aforesaid was a “weekly occurrence”.

“We found it tougher to write love songs than militant lyrics, as a result of it had been heaps easier to jot down regarding stuff you had witnessed or examine. It appeared natural to us,” he added.

After the news of Astro’s death stony-broke, BBC Radio West Midlands played the UB40 track Sing Our Own Song as a tribute – with presenter Natalie Graham occupation his death “very, very sad”.

“Astro extremely was an exquisite and an incredible creature and clearly the legacy of the music that we tend to still get to fancy from the likes of UB40 are a few things very, terribly special,” she said.

He noninheritable his nickname as a baby as a result of he wore a combine of Dr Martens boots with the model name “Astronaut”, the musician explained in a 2016 interview with web site UK Music Reviews.

“Fortunately, nobody referred to as me cosmonaut as a result of it’s rather a mouthful in order that they shortened it to Astro and it’s stuck ever since,” he added.


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