A man stone-broke down as he told a jury of the instant he found the “lifeless” body of his step-daughter shortly when he had been repeatedly injured. 

Yongquan Jiang said 16-year-old Wenjing carver was “purple” once he found her by the counter of the blue Takeaway in Treherbert, close to Treorchy, in March.  

Chun Xu denies murdering the juvenile person and also the tried murder of adult male Jiang.

But he admits killing Wenjing and also the unlawful wounding of adult male Jiang.

Mr Jiang, 38, represented intimately however adult male Xu, 32, attacked him, when asking him to urge some fish from a fridge within the basement.
“He was victimisation 2 knives and stabbing American state. i used to be scuffling with him,” said adult male Jiang, speaking with the assistance of interpreter at Merthyr Tydfil Crown Court.

“I asked him, ‘what is wrong with you today?'”

He was injured within the neck, face and within the facet of his body part, with ten separate injuries.

Mr Jiang aforementioned the ground had become slippery as a result of he was trauma such a lot.

“He was terribly fierce and it appeared he was attending to kill,” aforementioned adult male Jiang.

The court detected that his adult female phoned the police and told him to travel and open the door for the auto.

As he went upstairs, he discovered his step-daughter.


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