In New York, USA, a girl missing for two years was found under the stairs of her own house. The police had received secret information about the girl, after which during the search of the house, she found the girl alive in the secret room. 

 The girl the police were looking for for two years has been found in the secret room under the stairs of her house. It is believed that after not getting custody, the parents kidnapped their four-year-old little girl and managed to hide her in a secret hideout for two years. The girl child is now 6 years old. 

it’s all right baby

The girl was missing since 2019. Recently, she was found by the police in a special chamber built under the stairs of her house in Hudson, New York. Baby’s health is better. The girl is believed to have been abducted by her biological parents. New York Police said a six-year-old girl, Paisley Shultis, was recovered from a chamber built under the stairs of the house. The baby girl is safe and sound.

room was small and cold

Paisley is said to have been kidnapped by his biological parents Kimberley Cooper and Kirk Shultis. Both of them do not have the legal right to keep the child with them. Paisley had disappeared only after not getting custody in the year 2019. Police say that after the kidnapping, Paisley was kept in a secret room of the house, which was very small, cold and damp.

Police reached such a girl

Police said that on Monday they had got a clue about the girl. During the search of the house, when he removed the wood on the stairs, he saw the feet of the girl. After this the girl was taken out from there. However, the girl’s mother says that she has not seen him since 2019. It seemed to him that Cooper had fled to Pennsylvania with him. The police have registered a case against the girl’s parents and another and handed the girl over to her legal guardians.


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