Dublin based Novaerus Us Inc. is a leader in providing medical grade solutions that deal with the global issue of unhealthy indoor air. From the past 10 years, Novaerus has been manufacturing products that help in infection control in indoor areas. As many of us know, indoor air is a major cause for the spread of virus-based illnesses, bacterial infections, asthma, allergies and several other long-term health issues. On Saturday, a new and effective air disinfection technology was put to test at a huge government organized nightlife event in Belgium.

Novaerus Air Technology Used at First Brussels Nightlife Test Event

The results of the test from the nightlife event, where nearly 350 people were partying without wearing masks or following the social distancing norms, may help the unlock of clubs and other hospitality services in Europe. The new technology is called ‘NanoStrike’ by Novaerus and it helps in neutralizing microbes in the air on contact. It essentially provides a first protective shield against disease causing bacteria and viruses that include COVID-19 as well. The technology has already found application in hospitals, schools and offices.

The nightlife event was called ‘Dance Again’ and it took place in La Madeleine in Brussels and was organised by the City of Brussels government, in association with the Brussels by Night Federation. In order to gain entry to the event, people were required to possess a negative COVID-19 test report. The event made use of four Defend 1050 devicesĀ provided by Analis, the Belgium based distributor for Novaerus. Each of these devices has the capability to change the air up to four times in an hour in a 990 square footed room. The AQI was continuously kept under check by using CO2 monitors all along the night. All Novaerus NanoStrike devices have been endorsed for use by the Belgian federal government under an as of late passed Ministerial Decree on the protected utilization of air filtration devices.


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