Apple is one of those brands that has all through the drawn out fostered a steady ‘leaker’ community. Whenever any of its devices are to be uncovered, social media enters a chaotic situation and makes a tremendous arrangement about it with leaks and pieces of tattle. The latest extension is another patent that has suggested that iPhone 14 may maintain both Face ID and Touch ID.

Apple is yet to release any position information about the iPhone 13 models, and information about the iPhone 14 has started to surface. There are many new features that will be associated with the iPhone 13 models yet having both Touch ID and Face ID doesn’t have all the earmarks of being conceivable. As shown by a report by Mashable, Apple has as of late been yielded another patent that could allow them to add both of these security features to its device. This joining will be recognized extensively by people as many have protested about the inadequacy of Touch ID in iPhones all through the long haul.


The way where the Touch ID will be associated with the contraption is at this point confidential. Macintosh could pick the way wherein they went with their new iPad Air and add this part to the power catch, or they could take some inspiration from the Android competitors and add it inside the real screen. This can be one of the various urgent iPhone 14 Features that people have been keeping it together for. Apple is scandalous for not sharing any information about their looming devices until the noteworthy event itself, so no position information about the impending iPhone models has been shared now.

According to leaks and pieces of gossip’, Apple is planning to add some great changes to the approaching models. Maybe the most expected changes going to the iPhone 13 is for the show. Reports prescribe that Apple may be needing to decrease the notch size for their approaching models and moreover add a 120Hz refresh rate. One more colossal change incorporates reversible charging where customers will really need to use their iPhone to charge other iPhones using the very development that Apple has incorporated for their Magsafe products, with some major changes.


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