‘Smart foam’ will make the use of prosthetics much easier

Smart foam

Because of researchers in Singapore who have cultivated a “smart foam” material, robots will now be able to distinguish nearby objects with ease. The erroneously innervated foam, or “AiFoam”, licenses robots to repair itself when hurt, in a mechanism like how human skin repairs itself. The erroneously innervated foam is essentially an elastic polymer which researchers made with the help of a fluoropolymer and a compound which results in low surface tension. Inferable from this, the material fuses into one piece when it is subjected to a cut of any kind, as communicated by researchers at the National University of Singapore.

“The new foam material has a number of crucial applications, especially in robotics and prosthetic devices. In such applications the robots are needed to be much more intelligent when working around humans,” lead examiner Benjamin Tee told Reuters. Mimicking the sensory characteristics of a human being difficult than it was thought to be. To achieve this level headed, researchers layered the material with microscopic metal particles. A short time later, they added little electrodes under the foam’s surface. Researchers had the alternative to notice these movements on a PC connected to electrodes. Considering this, the robot picks what to do. This deduces that robots could be made more intelligent and responsive using similar techniques and materials.

Smart foam

The researchers saw something game-changing meanwhile: The robotic hand not only assessed the force but also the direction of the force being applied. AiFoam is a unique material that blends the self-healing characteristics with distance and the ability to distinguish pressure. The team behind the research has been working for nearly two years to develop the material and are confident that the product will be practically up for use in the next 5 years. The technology could help people with prosthetics to use their robotic arms in a more normal manner


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