Displaying purplish blue waters and white sands, a Turkish lake that NASA thinks covers favored experiences about Mars finds a way ways to end up being exorbitantly notable to its advantage. Lake Salda gained overall prominence when US scientists began glancing around fully expecting the Perseverance rover mission, which has been transmitting back accounts from the Red Planet since February. The Jet Propulsion Laboratory even posted a picture of the flawless lake on its site before score, saying it might take after what an “aqueous” Mars looked like billions of years earlier.

By and by, the 4,370-hectare (16.9-square mile) lake in Turkey’s southwest has been picked by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan as an element of a dare to make more green spaces for public use. The news spells disaster for neighborhood activists and legitimate guides, who fear that the twin blows of NASA and Erdogan’s benefit could open the courses to tourists. Sprinkling around in its waters, the expanse of humanity could demolish the very ecosystem that made the lake remarkable regardless, campaigners alert.

“The possible destiny of the lake is in harm’s way if a considerable number of people come,” said Lake Salda Preservation Association head Gazi Osman Sakar. The lake is for the most part famous for the White Islands area with the impressive sands, similarly as endemic vegetation, for instance, the Salda sea development fish. There are also minerals of different start. NASA thinks about one them, hydromagnesite, resembles the carbonate minerals recognized at Jezero Crater – a past lake on Mars that the rover is by and by examining.


The hydromagnesite sediments along Lake Salda’s shoreline “are thought to have deteriorated from tremendous slopes called ‘microbialites’, rocks outlined with the help of microbes,” NASA said. This all folds into the mystery concerning possible life on Mars, in some microbial design an incredibly a long time past. There are various underlying lakes like Salda across the world. Be that as it may, what makes Salda fascinating, geography engineer Servet Cevni said, is the lake’s change into a closed ecosystem with its own living framework.

“Because it’s alive, it’s so sensitive to outside intercessions,” Cevni said. Anyway that mediation is at this point on the way as nine little constructions that have appeared just about an organized People’s Garden by the lake. Sakar said a piece of the white sand has at this point been moved from the White Islands area to another called People’s Beach for road improvement. “The endeavor should be cancelled,” Sakar said. “The lake can’t be gotten while it’s used.” Swimming is denied at the White Islands yet people are at this point prepared to take a dunk in various parts.

Sakar’s association needs the lake distant out and out for swimming to save its ecosystem. Taking everything into account, he proposes making discernment presents for visitors on see the lake. “If lone cell living creatures pass on, Salda is done,” the creator Cevni agreed. “Those White Islands won’t be reestablished, that white plan won’t get together.” The damage up until recently can be recovered in 150 to 200 years if people don’t destroy it further, Cevni said, adding: “if we do, it will not anytime recover.”


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